Fr. Steffes’ message

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

The Spirit of God is alive and moving in our midst.  We need to be attentive to His presence and grace so that we know how to act and how to live in response.

There is no doubt that we see and experience the chaos, confusion and calamity of our times.  We are inundated with it constantly.  It is important that we are informed and aware of what is happening around us, but we do not want to become absorbed in it’s corrosiveness.  When we continually watch and listen to it, we become affected by it, and we give strength to the drama and sensation around it, which is often unhealthy and unholy.

These days I often ponder the storm on the Sea of Galilee that Jesus and the apostles experienced.  As the apostles became anxious and afraid they cried out to Jesus “Lord, save us!  We are perishing!”  First of all, I wonder how many of us are genuinely crying out to Jesus in the midst of the storms in our world.  Jesus’ response to His apostles, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?”  “He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it was perfectly calm.” Second, where is the measure of our faith? Do we trust in God?  Are we aware of His presence in our midst?  Are we only focused on the wind and the waves rather than the authority of God that can rebuke the storm?  And third, are we aware that we find calm and peace in Christ Jesus?

Sure there are a lot of strong winds and tumultuous waves of anxiety, anger, hatred, violence, lack of respect and reverence crashing in and around our lives but only the presence of God and His abiding Spirit will bring the calm that we need.  This is not a pious platitude but a truth and a reality of our faith in Jesus Christ.  We cannot love without going to the source of love.  We cannot find peace in policies or laws without respecting the image and likeness of God in each and every human being.  We will not find peace in the midst of the pandemic unless we turn to the Divine Physician who can truly heal, restore and redeem all of His creation.

Jesus promised that He would always be with us.  His Spirit is alive and active.  We need to be more attentive and aware of His presence.  He is always the cause of our hope and the reason for our joy.

Blessings, Father Steffes