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Youth Events Update

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Year of Saint Joseph

Pope Francis proclaimed a “Year of Saint Joseph” from 8 December 2020, to 8 December 2021.  This recalls the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. –On March 19, 2020, the Feast of St. Joseph, we celebrated our last public mass before we went into shut down with the CoronaVirus.  At that mass I placed a votive candle before St. Joseph to protect and watch over his Church.  That light has been burning for these past 10 months.  We will be setting up a shrine to St. Joseph in the South entrance of St. Augustine –and a votive candle will be kept burning in front of St. Joseph at St. Edward.

The Apostolic Penitentiary in the Vatican is offering a number of Plenary Indulgences, under the usual conditions, for prayer and devotion to St. Joseph. These include: making a spiritual retreat of at least one day meditating on St. Joseph, meditating on the Lord’s Prayer for at least 30 minutes, performing a Spiritual or Corporal Work of Mercy following the example of St. Joseph, reciting the rosary as couples or in families, invoking St. Joseph to find “dignifying work,” recitation of the Litany of St. Joseph, and invoking St. Joseph on days set aside for his devotion, such as March 19, May 1, and Wednesdays of the week.