Free Catholic Family resource Crate for Holy Week

This is a free Catholic family resource for Holy Week to use at home. 


Each day, you are equipped to guide your family through four

repeating elements: the daily readings or Mass streaming; a spiritual

act of communion, a Lenten verse to memorize; and the Stabat Mater.

Varying elements and activities will also be sprinkled in on relevant days.



Some of the days have printable activities like coloring pages,

handwriting practice, and puzzles. You’ll be reminded to print those out

on the days they’re needed. (Or feel free to skip ahead and print them all

at once.) Printing Tips: Select “borderless printing” or “print to edge” so

the art will go to the edge of the paper.



We also included an elegant print of the ACT OF SPIRITUAL

COMMUNION. We recommend you print this and hang it in your home.