What is a Discipleship Quad?

Would you like to journey deeper into fellowship?

A Discipleship Quad may be perfect for you!

This is a group of four people to gather every other week, in person or through technology, to foster fellowship, ongoing conversation, and learning.  Your group will grow through prayer, authentic relationships, and a deeper understanding of Christ and his church. All of the members of the quad are of the same sex to create an atmosphere of intimacy and vulnerability for sharing.

Who is a Discipleship Quad For?

Are you interested in growing in your faith as a Catholic? Consider joining! Each quad can be made up of people at any level of spiritual maturity: from long-time, committed Catholics to those who are just beginning their spiritual journey with Jesus.

What are the Benefits?

The benefit is knowing the love of Jesus Christ and deepening your relationship with him and his Church. As a member of a Discipleship Quad, you will learn with and from others, pray for and with one another, and share life with those who will become good friends in an otherwise incredibly busy and complicated world.

How do I learn more about joining or starting a Discipleship Quad?

Contact Teresa Knorr in the office at St. Augustine.

(507) 437-4537 or tknorr.ae@gmail.com