Fr. Steffes’s Message

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Our Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever. There is great comfort to me in the midst of this changing world that seems to get crazier by the day. St. Thomas Aquinas, the great doctor of the Church who lived in the 1200’s stated that one of his five proofs of the existence of God is the “Unmoved Move.” God never moves nor does He change. Yet, our culture believes the Church –and thus our God—needs to “get with the times.” Our Triune God is one God in three persons. The second person of the Trinity –Jesus—is one with the Church, His spouse. The Truth of God and the Truth of His Church do not change. They cannot change.

Somethings remain objectively true and do not change because of a subjective or collective perspective or opinion. This does not make God or His Church outdated. It merely means that individual or societal opinions can and are moving outside the realm of truth.

The one way to keep ourselves in the right realm is to spend time with the Lord; the One who is Truth. We can easily become swayed by the culture around us or influenced by the ones with whom we spend our time. Nothing or no one can take the place of spending time at the Master’s feet. As Jesus reminded Mary and Martha, “Mary has chosen the better portion” at my feet. He did not say what Martha was doing was wrong. He merely emphasized the importance of spending time with Him.

Without the Lord central in our lives we can all get off track. Consider spending time with Jesus in Adoration for one hour a week. If you do not think you have the time consider the time you spend watching or reading the news, talking with colleagues and friends about the woes of our time or simply wasting time on social media or the internet which does not have a great or positive influence on your life. An hour with the Lord, merely in silence, will have a positive and lasting effect on your life –perhaps for all eternity!

Blessings, Father Steffes